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Fire hydrant marker

Have you ever seen a fire hydrant marker on the road?  I observed several in Hackensack, NJ on a recent trip there.  The markers are reflective, aiding fire department personnel to locate hydrants in low light conditions.  However, the markers are inconsequential if the road is snow covered.  The Hackensack Fire Department's "Adopt a Hydrant" program allows adopters to clear hydrants of snow in the winter and vegetation in the summer.  Other New Jersey cities, like Oradell, install reflective pole markers to assist fire fighters in locating hydrants in inclement weather.

Image: Fire Hydrant Marking Device invented by Floyd L. Reardon (screen capture) (source)

Vertical fire hydrant marking devices have been patented.  Floyd L. Reardon's Fire Hydrant Marking Device on July 17, 1962 and Kenneth D. Shrefler's Marking Device For A Fire Hydrant Or The Like on October 23, 1984.

Image: Drinking water sampling station, Bedford Street
Hydrant markers are one of numerous municipal infrastructure that are hidden in plain sight like New York City's drinking water sampling stations.  Next time: fire alarm boxes.


  1. Dang--- I've seen those in Wisconsin. I assumed it was so you could see the hydrants in heavy snow. It never occured to me the usefulness of the flags year round!

  2. local ecologistDecember 02, 2010

    Vicky, thank you for following the blog. We appreciate your comments!


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