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Update on Lost photos of the Portland Classical Chinese Garden (Lan Su Chinese Garden)

Original Post December 23, 2010: Don't you h*** it when you delete a photograph you think you don't need and then you realize that you need it.  The baby of the house found a "Garden Lover's Guide to the Pacific N.W." brochure I collected while visiting Seattle in 2007.

The brochure recommends visiting gardens in Lakewood, Washington (Lakewold Gardens); in Puget Sound, Washington (Kruckeberg Botanic Garden, Dunn Gardens, Bellevue Botanical Garden, Volunteer Park Conservancy, The Bloedel Reserve, Elandan Gardens, W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservancy, Powells Wood, The Chase Garden, and Fairie Gardens); and in Portland, Oregon (Portland Classical Chinese Garden and Leach Botanical Garden).

In 2006, during a self-guided walking tour of Portland's Pearl District, I walked around the exterior of the Classical Chinese Garden (Lan Su Chinese Garden) but did not enter the garden.  There were crowds.  I was able to photograph some of the interior spaces through the entryway and "windows" in the exterior walls.  At some point, I deleted these photographs from my computer; searches of my hard drive and online folders yielded no results.  I should have toured the garden that day in 2007.  Here is an excerpt from the garden's description in the afore-mentioned brochure:
Experience what might have greeted visitors during the Ming Dynasty in China (1364 - 1688 CE).  The Portland Classical Chinese Garden was created to inspire, engage and educate all who visit.  Designers and artisans from Suzhou, China worked with Americans to fuse ancient construction methods with modern construction codes....In winter, retreat into the soothing sound of rain dripping on a banana leaf, the fragrance of wintersweet or the feel of a footstep on hand-laid mosaic stone pathways.  "Truly in the midst of a city, there can be mountain and forest."  An experience that is never twice the same.
Wow!  Here is a public domain photograph of the Garden's entrance.

Entrance to the Portland Classical Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon (source)
The Garden is located at 239 NW Everett Street in Portland, 97209.

Update January 28, 2011: I found three photographs of the Portland  Classical Chinese Garden taken in July 2007.


Kelly Brenner said…
It really is a beautiful garden, during all seasons. It's certainly one of my favorite gardens in Portland, you can stand inside of it seeing the skyscrapers all around but still feel at peace. I have some photos taken around the inside that I'll post online and pass the link on to you. I'm rather intimately acquainted with the garden because I did an art project in which I had to draw different aspects of the garden on about 50 or so postcards. Now I'm rather partial to the garden after getting to know it so well.
Rohrerbot said…
I have had several incidents similiar to what you are describing.....somewhere they are hidden. This garden looks really neat...if I'm ever in the area, I'll definitely check it out.
Georgia said…
rohrerbot and Kelly, thank you for your comments. Glad the post has inspired you to add the garden to your to-see list, rohrerbot.

Kelly, will you share your postcards on MetroFieldGuide? I look forward to viewing your photographs of the garden. Many thanks in advance.
David said…
As a side comment from the gorgeous Lan Su, I am glad that Leach Botanical Garden surfaced in the froth. We are beautiful in different ways in all seasons, though very different from our sister, Lan Su.
Georgia said…
David, welcome to the blog and thank you for your comment. We would love to post some photos of Leach if you are willing to share them.
Kelly Brenner said…
I completely forgot to share what I promised, I apologize!

Here is a link to the postcard project:

And photos.
Georgia said…
Kelly, thank you for the links. The postcards are gorgeously rendered; I really like that you used different media!

As for the photographs, March 21, 2004 was a beautifully lit day!

Do you mind if I plug both sets of images on this blog?
Kelly Brenner said…
I'm glad you liked them!

It really was a beautiful day, and a weekday in the morning if I remember correctly, which meant few people. Best time to go. =)

I don't mind at all, I'm flattered!