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Tree care tools

Each student in the Trees New York Citizen Pruner course received a manual.  One of my favorite illustrations in the manual is Figure 3.2 - Tree Care Tools, shown below. 

I have a few pairs of Felco hand pruners from my time as a community forester in New Haven.  (Also, I own a few dbh* tapes from my time as an urban forester in Boston.)  Tools on my wish list: a wire cutter/sheet metal snip, a lopping shear, a folding saw, and a pole pruner.

Image: Tree Care Tools, Figure 3.2 in Trees New York Citizen Pruner Manual
* dbh =  trunk diameter at breast height measured at 4 1/2 feet above the ground.


Bonnie Hull said…
lOVE the illustration..hate my felco pruners (the spring thing is annoying and pops off...) your I have to search for tree fillings...
Georgia said…
Hello Bonnie! Please share any photos of tree fillings you discover.
p.s. Sorry to hear about your Felcos.
Informative tree care post. Thank you for advising people that after the holiday season not to burn it in a fireplace, but recycle it by placing it in the yard with suet.