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Early bird catches the worm

Or in our case, several of Sunset magazine's Hot List ("the top 100 ideas, people, places and things that are making life in the West better right now") have been featured on this blog.

In Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, part 2, we looked at hauling people and goods via bicycle.  Numbers 36-38 on Sunset's list were car-free festivals, bicycle boulevards, and bike sharing and numbers 39-41 were three "two-wheeled businesses."  Has anyone eaten a Bike Basket Pies pie?

We've written about a 2008 PARK(ing) Day in Berkeley.  With Berkeley Partners for Parks, we designed BOND(ing) PARK(ing), a pop-up park.  Also, view our Facebook album of a recent visit to OpenHouse Gallery's pop-up indoor park.  Three pop-up parks made it on the Sunset list: San Francisco's Pavement to Parks program, Portland's Re-thinking the Right-of-Way, and Seattle's Substation Park.

Image: Chicken Crib, photo courtesy of ChickenCribs (source)
Finally, last year we wrote about the Chicken Crib designed by UC-Berkeley trained landscape architects Rusty Lamer and Andreas Stavropoulos which we first spotted in the January 2010 issue of Sunset magazine!  Number 74 on Sunset's Hot List is the chicken coop.