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Tour of Schoolhouse Creek Common

I visited Schoolhouse Creek Common in West Berkeley in 2007.  Here is a description of the community park from the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour 2008:
In 1856 an elementary school was built on this site; a lovely grassy meadow on a low rise near gurgling spring-fed Schoolhouse Creek. Fast-forward to 2005, when the asphalt that had covered the meadow for decades was demolished, the site graded by the Berkeley Unified School District, and neighbors gathered to begin planting what would become Schoolhouse Creek Common, a child-friendly community garden and park. This attractive public space contains a wide diversity of natives that will do well in the flats, as well as an orchard, lawn, and an assortment of drought-tolerant Mediterranean plants. Bring your children, who will love both the tire swing, and the East Bay’s most beautiful sandbox—surrounded by bunchgrass, California lilac, manzanita, tree stumps, and sea-shell studded boulders.


Anonymous said…
Hi Georgia,
Nice tour! I walked through SCC quite often this past summer - a new farmer's market started in the parking lot at the adult school. (Sadly the market didn't last.) I always enjoy going through this peaceful little spot.
-Jen E.
Georgia said…
Hi Jen! Thanks for commenting. Too bad about the market; seems like the location made sense because the other FMs are a bit far away.

I miss Car-Free Outdoors!