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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, not quite

This past weekend was positively spring-like but the full buds of the magnolias buds did not burst.  Instead we are offering magnolias in bloom at the Portland Classical Chinese Garden.  The photograph was taken on March 21, 2004 by Kelly Brenner of Metropolitan Field Guide.

Image: Magnolia flowers courtesy of Kelly Brenner/ Metropolitan Field Guide (source)
View the complete Garden photoset at the Metropolitan Field Guide's Flickr page.  Also, Kelly is a fine artist and created a large postcard collection based on "draw different aspects of the garden." The postcards can be seen here.

See more bloggers' gardens in bloom at May Dreams Gardens.


Les said…
They are such a lovely tree, but I am glad I can use the excuse that my yard is too small for one. They are so very fleeting. Maybe the next garden will be big enough to abide such a brief marvelous show.
Andrea said…
Wow they are so beautiful big flowered magnolia. I love the composition too.
Georgia said…
But what of the buds, the leaves, Les?

Andrea, welcome and thank you for your comment. Kelly is a talented photographer.
Kelly Brenner said…
Thank you for the kind comments! I missed this while I was on vacation, glad to find it now.