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Winter Walk-Off 2011 on Bleecker Street

Former Manhattan Savings Institution located on Broadway at Bleecker Street

Thank goodness for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day because in his Bloom Day post, Les reminded his readers of his Winter Walk Off challenge.
On your own two feet, leave the house and share what can be seen within walking (or biking) distance of your home.  Your post does not have to be a picture-heavy travelogue like mine, unless you want it to be.  Maybe instead you will find some unusual patterns, interesting shadows, signs of spring, a favorite restaurant or shop, questionable landscaping or local eyesores.  Whatever, just keep your eyes and mind open, be creative and have fun, but don't show anything from your own yard.  (emphasis his own)
I do not own a car and my bicycle is in storage (in Massachusetts), so I walk (and occasionally ride the subway). I usually pack my camera but lately I have been taking photographs of specific things as opposed to "things that catch my eye." Anyway, without further ado, here is my Winter Walk Off on (and around) Bleecker Street. All photographs were taken on the last day of winter (calendar-wise) in NYC.

"Shop houses" on Bleecker between Mulberry and Bowery
Men at work on Bowery
Facade on brickwork
Below Il Mulino on West 3rd, a (President Obama ate here)
Made in America
Witch hazel in Winston Churchill Park at 6th Ave and Bleecker
Ovando on Bleecker
Wedding planning: The man (center) seemed to be a planner/designer
Tommy's lawn
Street tree garden
Waiting in line for Magnolia Bakery cupcakes
On Perry Street at Bleecker
Ralph Lauren's bamboo cane grove


Les said…
Those must be some cupcakes! Thanks for participating in my Winter Walk Off. Unfortunately my mail handler did not get these to me until after I published my wrap-up and the prizes were awarded, but I will add your post at the end along with another that was held up. Thanks again!