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Index: Human Flower Project essays

I am a correspondent for Human Flower Project founded by sociologist and writer Julie Ardery in 2004.  Julie describes the project as
an international newsgroup, photo album and discussion of humankind’s relationship with the floral world. We report on art, medicine, society, history, politics, religion, and commerce....By studying flowers, we look into human emotion and value. Since the flower trade is global, and has been for centuries, by following the circuit of plants across the world, we track international relations and economics.
I write essays about people-plant relationships and the impacts of land use policy on plants.
new! Trailed by Roses

What's an Urban Forester?

Mother's Remedies from Jamaica

Mercer Street, You Could Be Cooler

Matchmaking on the Wedding Day

A Legacy of Jamaican Fruits

Escalator Garden

Kings, Queens and Mangosteens

Listen Up: SF Garden Show 2009

Oops a Daisy ~ Plant Idioms

The Florists of Telegraph Avenue

Walking with 'Sharp-eyed' Margot

Bookends: Native and Ornamental

Gardening in Prison

Street Trees: Let’s Think Outside the Wires

Bringing City Trees to Fruition


Kelly Brenner said…
This is such a wonderful project, so inspiring.