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Under Cape Cod Waters by Ethan Daniels

Image: Under Cape Cod Waters cover (source)
Many years ago we spent time in Cape Cod and the Islands.  In preparation for the trip - and this is something we do for all our trips - we read several books about the place.  Our list included The Emperor of Ocean Park by Stephen L. Carter, The Wedding by Dorothy West, and The Outermost House by Henry Weston.  If we were making that trip today, I would add Under Cape Cod Waters by Ethan Daniels.  We won a copy of the book in contest sponsored by Union Park Press in April contest.

Under Cape Cod Waters is a large format book.  Daniels's photography is spectacular and a conventional book format would have diminished his photographs.  How did he manage the close-ups that abound in the book?  I am more of a terrestrial person than an aquatic one but the concepts Daniels's addresses in the book are easy to grasp.  He is a scientist, but he writes like a novelist.  

I do not have any photographs to share here but check out the book's Facebook page.  I hope the page will be updated with a "who's who" of Cape Cod conservation.


Les said…
A blog jam must have just burst. 14 new posts from you showed up on my subscription list.
Georgia said…
Hi Les, my feed was broken and the fix let loose 14 blocked posts. Enjoy!