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Where in NYC? (Subway Series, No. 4)

Have you spotted these ocular friezes?  Let us know the line and station.

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Update, 7/13/2011: These mosaics were photographed at the Chambers Street (World Trade Center) A/C/E station.  Appropriately named Oculus, the mosaics, created by Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel in 1998, are based on "the eyes of three hundred individual New Yorkers translated from a photographic study" by the artists, according to  Learn more about the artists at  Stay tuned for Series No. 5.


Matthew said…
One of my favorites. I love the small pieces of white tile that puts "reflection" into the eyes, thus enlivening them (if I'm remember correctly, the eyes were modeled from... was it students at Stuyvesant?)
The eyes are very realistic, great artwork.