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Now & 2031: The endangered Sasaki Garden at Washington Square Village

The Sasaki Garden at Washington Square Village is located in the interior of the block bounded by West Third Street, LaGuardia Place, Bleecker Street, and Mercer Street.  The garden is historic with landmark potential.  It was completed in 1959 and designed by the world-renowned landscape architect Hideo Sasaki.  The garden is endangered.  It is located in the "North Block" of the NYU's proposed 20-year expansion plan area.

The Garden Now
Image: Verdant and lush WSV Sasaki Garden

The Proposed Replacement
Image: Highly paved interior of the North Block under NYU 2031 (source)

The NYU 20 Year Expansion Plan (or NYU 2031) has to undergo a Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) which will begin in January 2012.  The first round of hearings will be conducted by Community Board 2.

1. Monday, January 9: Land Use & Business Development: NYU will present its overall proposal.
2. Tuesday, January 10: Traffic & Transportation: What are the implications of the NYU plan on traffic, pedestrian uses and mass transit?
3. Thursday, January 12: Parks, Recreation & Open Space: How does the NYU plan impact public open space?
4. Tuesday, January 17: Social Services & Education: Does the community support adding a public school to the superblocks and what are the plans for such a school?
5. Wednesday, January 18: Environment, Public Safety & Public Health: Will NYU’s proposal affect local environmental conditions?

The above dates are subject to change so please check the CB2 NYU 2031 webpage for updated information.


jaylen watkins said…
What are the risk involved to sasaki garden at. This garden is seems to be very beautiful.

Ecologist Education Requirements
Georgia said…
Jaylen: the Sasaki Garden will be demolished to create a lawn area between two new buildings, one at 125 feet and the other at 215 feet. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
In the latest version of the NYU 2031 Plan, the Sasaki Garden will be destroyed and in its place will be a concrete walkway or thoroughfare for 10,000 to 12,000 students to traverse per hour.

There will be no there there.