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Winter Walk-Off 2012 in London

Les of A Tidewater Gardener is hosting his Winter Walk-Off again this year.  Read our contribution to the 2011 Walk-Off here.  This year we share photographs of several features we observed on our walks in London.  If you would like to contribute to the walk-off, the deadline is March 19 and details can be found here.

The spread of London planetrees at Hyde Park.

Allees, malls, and other linear arrangements of trees (also taken in Hyde Park).

Lovely utility access covers.

Mews and alleys to shorten your journey or to bypass busy roads.

Creative, adventurous playgrounds.

So many private squares -- nice to look at though but even better if you have a key...

Gorgeous architecture! This photograph of the original Natural History Museum (entry is free).

Thoughtful historic preservation, at the V&A Museum (also free entry): "The damage to these walls is the result of enemy bombing during the blitz of the Second World War 1939-1945 and is left as a memorial to the enduring values of this great museum in a time of conflict."


Les said…
Thank you for the Walk-Off entry. I am especially grateful that this is from London as I was just today lamenting the fact that I had no international contributions yet.

No cupcakes this year?
Georgia said…
No cupcakes but I did eat a slice of spongecake among other delights at the afternoon tea at Browns Hotel!
sandy lawrence said…
Lovely! Ah, I can taste that spongecake now, with a pot of Earl Grey ... Did you by any chance do a blogpost on Brown's Hotel???
Georgia said…
Thanks, Sandy. Stay tuned for the tea post at Notes on Tea.