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Tools of the trade

Image: UC Berkeley Environmental Design Library current exhibit (Source: ENVI website)
Today I received a copy of the Library at the University of California Berkeley magazine which featured the Tools of the Trade exhibit at the Environmental Design Library.  The notice reminded me of a letter I wrote to the editor of Landscape Architecture Magazine about the writing and drawing tools used by landscape architect Thomas Balsley.

Image: Landscape Architecture Magazine, April 2011 (Source: Thomas Balsley Associates)
Intrigued by the photographs of Thomas Balsley's hands -- which always held a pen -- in the April 2011 issue of Landscape Achitecture Magazine, I wrote the editor of LAM asking for information about the pens and markers that the landscape architect used in his practice.  Here is an edited version of the response I received:
Balsley tells us he uses Berol 314 graphite pencils for drafting and Spectracolor DESIGN or Berol Prismacolor for colored pencils.  For felt-tip pens, he prefers Bravo by Pilot and Pentel Sign pens.  And for markers, he uses AD markers by Chartpak.
What tools do you use in your trade?