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Urban plant stories

Image: "Out of the Woods", Kathleen Vance, Open Source Gallery
I don't recall how I heard about Urban Plant Research but I have continued to read the blog for the stories.  Leslie Kuo, a co-founder of the project, shared stories about the plants featured in her slideshow at the Open Source Gallery in Brooklyn on October 14.

Image: Vines on a wall at Prospect-5th Ave. The vines have been removed from the site.

Image: City worker removing Ailanthus from a rose garden

Image: Community garden partnered with a bakery to recycle their crates as growing beds to avoid planting in polluted soil

Image: Plant Quiz installation at Berlin subway station

Image: Close-up, Plant Quiz installation at Berlin subway station

After the slideshow, we talked about foraging for edibles like mulberry, elder, apple, ginkgo, and pear.  One audience remember told of an apple picking event in Park Slope which culminated in a neighbor bringing out his press and making apple cider for all present.  I shared my observations of a woman harvesting ginkgo fruit from Washington Square Park.  Leslie and Sara Bouchard, the other co-founder, discussed potential next steps for Urban Plant Research.  One idea was a Plant Quiz for Brooklyn modeled on the Plant Quiz for Berlin developed by Leslie.