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Window boxes at 41 Bond Street

The landscape at 41 Bond Street, an "entirely locally-sourced bluestone" residential building that fronts directly on the street, is composed of several elements: window boxes and loggia, a planted marquee, balconies, a green roof, parapet planters, and a rear garden. This patchy yet compositionally unified landscape was designed by Future Green Studio based in Brooklyn, NY.

Of the planting scheme, the form writes that it "emphasizes texture and form, mixing a contemporary with a fancifully rugged style."

Aren't the hellebore flowers beautiful?! This photograph was taken on April 13, 2013.

For additional photographs of the project, check out Future Green Studio's 41 Bond Street portfolio.


Unknown said…
I love how this place looks rustic and lush, and futuristic at the same time. I hope it's affordable, or that city developers consider window boxes in their plans for affordable housing.
local ecologist said…
I like the idea of window boxes for all! As to affordability, I think it would depend on one's definition of affordable. Thank you for your comment, Nadia.