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Field Trip: Sprout Home Brooklyn

After cleaning the particulate matter from my window sills one day and coincidentally reading about Brooklyn Beer Shop's beer making kit for apartment dwellers, I had an aha moment. What if there was a window box garden kit for apartment dwellers vegetated with plants that cleaned the air? Clean Air Window Box Garden!

I contacted Tibor Fuchs, past president of the Metropolitan New York Chapter of the Indoor Gardening Society of America, for indoor species recommendations and he graciously provided a reference. I spoke with a friend who suggested I read Design*Sponge's interview with Tassy De Give, of Sprout Home Brooklyn.  I emailed De Give about creating a window box garden and she said to visit the garden center anytime. While I wasn't able to mock up an actual box garden on site, I was given a lot of information about clean air indoor plants.  Small clean air plants are featured below -- enjoy!

Dracaena deremensis

English ivy

Snake plant

Bella palm


Now that you have a selection of plants, what about containers?

Two pots stood out during my trip to Sprout Home.  One is the Balconia Planter and the other is the D & M Depot Pot.  The former would work best on the exterior of the window, while the former would be perfect for a window sill.  Another interior option is the Self Watering Delta 20 Planter.

If you are looking for knowledgeable staff and beautiful plant stock, visit Sprout Home on 44 Grand Street.