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Subwayana: Art of nature, No. 1

Do you remember the discontinued series "Where in NYC? (Subway series)"?

When I traveled through the 42nd Street-Bryant Park/Fifth Avenue station and saw the Samm Kunce's Under Bryant Park, I thought it only fair to post, at least once more, about subway art. The series may be revived with a focus on artworks depicting nature.

Here is a quote about the installation from the artist from the MTA Arts for Transit website:
People travel the subway system, water and other utility services are delivered by pipes, and plants and trees that provide grace and softness against the city's sharper edges find their way to water and nutrients underground through a system of roots.


Steve Whitehead said…
A few years back, here in St. Louis, a couple of students from Southern Illinois University and Edwardsville, with a few individuals from St. Louis ArtWorks created a pretty neat art piece at one of our stations here in town. The sculpture was fabricated from bronze, steel, and aluminum, with a nice nature-scape in the background.

The piece of art was inspired by what your typical commuter has in their pockets: spare change, keys, a receipt, and lip balm.

The sculpture seeks to enhance the riding experience for commuters through public art that appears throughout the design and environment of the transit system. You can take a look at it in this article -