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Field Trip: Liz Christy Bowery-Houston Garden

It is Wildflower Week in New York City. I toured the Liz Christy Bowery-Houston Garden on Monday and here is some of what I saw.

Image: Native honeysuckle

Image: Solomon's seal

Image: Wild geranium

Image: Crested iris

Image: Lily of the valley

Image: Mayapple

Image: Shepherd's purse. Do you have a positive id? It's Aristolochia clematitis, according to one of our readers.

Image: Sleeping Spring beauty

Image: Carolina allspice


Marie said…
What a nice blog!

The shepherd's purse..isn't :-) It may be Brunnera. Shepherd's purse leaves look a little like elongated and serrated dandelion leaves, and it has distinctive tiny triangular seedpods.

The 'sleeping beauty' is fact spring beauty.
local ecologist said…
Marie, thank you for visiting the blog!
Also, I appreciate your plant id; will make the corrections.
Anonymous said…
It's Aristolochia clematitis.