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Window Box Gardens in Munich, Seattle, Tokyo, and London

Last year we reached out to friends of the blog who garden and/or love gardens to tell us about their window boxes. We received four responses and fortunately there were no repeat locations. Leslie Kuo of Urban Plant Research is an admirer of other Berliners' window boxes in Berlin (she's since relocated to Hawaii). Kelly Brenner of Metropolitan Field Guide plants for wildlife in Seattle. Across the Pacific, Jared Braiterman of Tokyo Green Space gardens on his balcony. And back to the Atlantic, Melissa Harrison grows vibrantly red strawberries in South London. (Melissa Harrison is the author of the novel Clay and blogs at Tales of the City.)

Image: Strawberries in South London, image courtesy Melissa Harrison

For primer on how to garden in exterior window boxes, check out Gardenista's Hardscaping 101: Window Boxes. Need plants for an interior window box? Consider these species for the windowsill which were photographed during my Sprout Home field trip.

P.S. The first image is of one of many window boxes at 41 Bond Street in NYC.