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Seed orders for our Fenway Victory Gardens plot

Image: The Cook's Garden seed order, Feb. 2004.

Last week I shared a hand-drawn map of our plot in the Fenway Victory Gardens. Along with the map, I found two seed orders, one from The Cook's Garden in Pennsylvania and the other from the Vermont Bean Seed Company in Wisconsin. From The Cook's Garden catalogue I ordered a selection of vegetables and habitat perennial mixes, but I can't find either mix on The Cook's Garden website or in the current year's catalogue. From Vermont Bean Seed Company I chose only vegetables.

Image: Vermont Bean Seed Company seed order, Feb. 2004

I think I am going to pretend that we have a sunny garden plot and create a fictional seed (and tools) order this year. The catalogues I have on hand are The Cook's Garden and Botanical Interests. What flowers and vegetables are you considering for your garden spaces?