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Pop-Up Smartphone Photo Hunt in the Village

Hipstamatic in Action by Intel Free Press via Wikimedia Commons (source)

Open iCal or your old-fashioned planner and pen in May 2nd for a 2 Hour Pop-Up Smartphone Photo Hunt in the Village with SPY (NYC Spark Your Creativity).

Have you heard the saying: “The best camera is the one you have with you?” Use your smartphone camera to capture spring in the green open spaces of Greenwich Village. SPY photographer Margherita Andreani will be your techie and artistic guide for the session. Marghy and WSP Eco Projects meet participants at 11:00am sharp at 'NYU Starbucks’ 45 West 4th (map it) for introductions and photo hunt instructions before exploring the eco-friendly green spaces in the heart of the Village. We regroup at 12:15 at 'NYU Starbucks’ 45 West 4th for photo review and instructions on sharing your favorite pix of the day. Come have some fun on a springtime photo hunt and learn more about making art with your smartphone.

Remember: Bring your fully charged smartphone. We recommend you upload Camera+ for the adventure.

This SPY Village session is in conjunction with WSP Eco Projects.