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Tools of the Trade - Melissa Brzuszek, Indoor Gardener

I have always been fascinated by tools of the trade - the equipment people regularly use in their work. Today's tool share is from indoor gardener Melissa Brzuszek of The Sill. Check out her seven tools including a pressurized hand sprayer (not pictured).

Felco #2
Gardeners best friend when it comes to pruning. Trusty and strong an instant classic in the field.Great for branches and thinner trunks of small trees, shrubs, and succulents.

ARS curved tipped scissors
These light little guys are great for lighter pruning like leaves on softer bodied plants. Surgical steel makes them easy to wash and dry and not worry about rusting.

Fiskars 1.5 liter watering can
Lightweight, easy for smaller indoor plant watering. Non leaky spout is a plus when watering desk plants and succuelent bowls.

Kikkerland folding stool
I'm only 5"3 so having this little guy makes a big difference. I usually leave this at accounts that have out of reach plants on higher shelves or that have plant wall installations.

Novelty 2 gallon watering can
Great when you have alot of big plants at a location. Holds plenty of water and avoids multiple trips to the sink for refilling.

Hershel backpack
I dont go anywhere without this. It carries my tools, my small watering can or hand sprayer, as well as a water bottle with ease. The color and design lends itself to being simple and understated, yet smart looking. Great for a non bulky look when on the go visiting multiple accounts in one day.

Melissa also regularly uses a pressurized hand sprayer which she describes as "wonderful." Here's what the tool looks like.

Thank you to The Sill founder Eliza Blank for introducing me to Melissa. Photos and descriptions courtesy of Melissa Brzuszek.

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Mel said…
Oooooooooooooo. Love me some gadgets.