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Nature Scavenger Hunts

The children (and their parents) who participated in the WSP Eco Projects nature scavenger hunt last fall had a good time. I've been asked many times when there will be another nature scavenger hunt in the park. Unfortunately there isn't one planned for the spring but you could certainly use the guide we developed for the inaugural nature hunt though it's biased towards the fall season.

You could do a pop-up nature scavenger hunt as we often do and did yesterday. It's more of a finding quest as we look about the park for interesting items without consulting a list. Today we found an elm samara, a catalpa pod, a white oak leaf, and a Y-shaped stick.

Image: Scavenger Hunt - Washington Square Park by Carina Zimmerman courtesy of Carina Zimmerman
If you prefer a formal guide, and want to scavenger hunt in Washington Square Park, check out Carina Zimmerman's Scavenger Hunt in Washington Square Park. The park is Carina's favorite in NYC. If you don't live near Washington Square Park, check out Carina's other scavenger hunt; it's a nature hunt for 20 items you could find in most park settings.

P.S. I discovered Carina's blog via Washington Square Park Blog.