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Exploring Vancouver - Day 4 - Sunset Beach

Unlike previous days in Vancouver, we didn't head out on our day's exploration until the afternoon. We walked clear across Vancouver, from Downtown to Sunset Beach. It was the classic uphill there and back! And it was a HOT day. Getting to the beach, kicking off our shoes, and wading in the cool water was refreshing.

We walked on Thurlow passing the almost 3 acre Nelson Park. We spent some time admiring Arts & Crafts houses in the neighborhood.

On and off Thurlow we saw several examples of traffic calming gardens such as the one above. As part of its Green Streets program, the City pays for the first planting. Volunteers maintain the gardens and provide additional plants.

Thurlow is a residential street. We wanted to take a more dynamic route home, so we chose to return to the hotel via Burrard Street. I'm glad we did. We discovered the very large and verdant Davie Street Community Garden at the corner of Burrard and Davie, one of the West End's major intersections. The garden is on the site of a former Shell gas station. According to an article in The Georgia Straight, the property owner receives an annual tax break of $240,000 while the site is being used for non-commercial purposes.

We thought Day 4 would be the last time we spent in Vancouver on this trip but we returned to spend time on Granville Island after two days in Whistler. Stay tuned for our lake and mountain adventures in Whistler!

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