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Fall Foliage in Washington Square Park

Image: Red maple in Washington Square Park. Photo courtesy of Hubert J. Steed.

Last year Dr. Leslie Day led a fall foliage tour of Washington Square Park. Although Dr. Day will not lead a tour in the park this fall, you can follow her route with this self-guided walk.

Some of the autumnal color highlights of Washington Square Park are:

The red maple, pictured above, which you should see diagonally from the northeast entrance. There is another red maple near the park entrance at University Place and Washington Place.

Walk south to see the ginkgoes near the southeast entrance.

From there, walk on a diagonal towards the fountain. You will see sweetgums and tulip trees near the small dog run. (Look out for fiery fall foliage -- that's the park's only Katsura.) There are a few Japanese pagoda trees (formerly sophora) on the west side of the fountain.

Don't forget to visit the English elm at the northwest entrance.

Let us know your highlights! Tag #AutumnInWSP.