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Container Gardening: Do You Have a Favorite Method?

I have been fortunate to have access to outdoor space for gardening in many of the places I have lived. The one place I have not had a place to garden outside is in New York. When we moved there I submitted an application for a plot in a local community garden. As far as I know, I am still in the waitlist. That was six years ago! I'm in Virginia this year. We live in a house that has a generous yard. In the back yard there are two raised beds. Sadly I have not planted anything in either of them though I harvested the last of the tomatoes left from the previous tenants. I had hoped to sow a winter ground cover and possibly plant spring bulbs before the first frost. There's still time. Yesterday there was a high of 70 degrees F in Arlington!

If you don't have in-the-ground garden space, you can reliable garden in containers. Rooftop Roots has installed several varieties on the a container garden on the rear plaza of the Arlington Public Library Central Branch. Which one would work best for you?

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