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Mapping the Trees of Lyon Park on iNaturalist

I promised you wild strawberries on Twitter but changed my mind after spending the late afternoon today in Lyon Park. I started a Trees of Lyon Park project on iNaturalist with a single observation on April 24. I made my next three observations two days later on April 26. I made one observation on April 29. Today I added six trees to the project. June is #30DaysWild hosted by The Wildlife Trusts and my goal, in addition to "finding the wild in [my] life every single day"* this month, is to add all the trees in the park to the map on iNaturalist!

The tally of trees is 11 observations across 8 species. So far, I am the only observer but the project is open to anyone, so if you frequent the park or are passing by, please take a stroll and map a tree or two. If all the trees are mapped, leave a comment on your favorite tree.

* Admittedly I'm always looking out for and recording wild things.