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Exploring Brooklyn Bridge Park

We are diving back into New York by visiting some of our favorite parks. Last week I shared our walk on the High Line. Today's field trip recap is of Brooklyn Bridge Park. As with the High Line, we explored portions of the park we've already spent time in; for BPP that means the Main Street to Pier 1 stretch.

One of the reasons we enjoy coming to this park is the access to water. Look at this proximity! This is the East River which is actually a salt water tidal estuary. At this point in the park we are below the Manhattan Bridge.

When you turn inland from the water, the park is verdant. I enjoyed peeking through the various layers of vegetation to observe architectural and natural features. The waterbody seen above is part of the salt marsh habitat in Pier 1.

After time on the beach, picking up rocks and watching the waves, we headed to a playground. The gate in the fence is on the path to the playground and it reminds me of a feature you would see in a rural setting. It is sweet that the gate opens unto a specimen tree. The lush vegetation extends into play spaces, too, as seen in the second image above. This photograph was taken inside the playground gate. I like the peekaboo aspect of this pathway to the jungle gym.

There are many more leafy pathways throughout the park.

You won't be starved for skyline views, however.

But the experience of being close to the water is treasured.