August 30, 2016

List of Nature & Science Books for Children (and adults, too)

"Do you have a list of all of your books somewhere?", asked reader @dianalempel on Instagram.
Diana asked this question about the #shortstackofbooks feature I post almost weekly on Instagram. In February I published screenshots of #shortstackofbooks on the blog but I did not provide a list of books. I am glad Diana nudged me to prepare a proper list of the Short Stack of Books series which are included below in alphabetical order by title.

Image: Wild Ideas by Elin Kelsey with artwork by Soyeon Kim
  • A Bald Eagle's World, Caroline Arnold
  • A Drop of Water, Gordon Morrison
  • A Hands-on Guide for Little Inventors, Rachel Doorley
  • A Seed is Sleepy, Diana Hutts Aston
  • A Tree is Growing, Arthur Dorros, illustrated by S. D. Schindler
  • A Tree is Nice, Janice May Udry, with pictures by Marc Simont
  • About Trees, Katie Holten
  • Actual Size, Steve Jenkins*
  • Alego, Ningeokuluk Teevee
  • An Egg is Quiet, Dianna Aston, with art by Sylvia Long
  • And Tango Makes Three, Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, with illustrations by Henry Cole
  • And Then It's Spring, Julie Fogliano, illustrated by Erin E. Stead*
  • Beach, Elisha Cooper
  • Beachcombing, Jim Arnosky
  • Birding at the Bridge, Heather Wolf**
  • Birds of New York, Stan Tekiela
  • Botany for Gardeners, Harold William Rickett
  • Bright Sky Starry City, Uma Krishaswami, with pictures by Aimee Sicuro
  • Central Park in the Dark, Marie Winn
  • Cherry Blossoms Say Spring, Jill Esbaum
  • Children Around the World, Peter Guttman
  • Coyote at the Kitchen Door, Stephen DeStefano
  • Crows! Strange and Wonderful, Laurence Pringle, illustrated by Bob Marstall
  • Daylight Starlight Wildlife, Wendell Minor
  • Desert Days Desert Nights, Roxie Munro
  • Eggs 1 2 3, Janet Halfman with art by Betsy Thompson
  • Eliza's Cherry Trees - Japan's Gift to America, Andrea Zimmerman, illustrated by Ju Hong Chen
  • Farm Anatomy, Julia Rothman
  • Feral Cities, Tristan Donovan
  • Field Guide to the Neighborhood Birds of New York City; Field Guide to the Natural World of New York City: Leslie Day**
  • Field Guide to Urban Wildlife, Julie Feinstein
  • Flotsam, David Wiesner*
  • Follow the Moon Home, Philippe Cousteau and Deborah Hopkinson, illustrated by Meilo So
  • Green Eggs and Ham, Dr. Seuss*
  • Gregory's Shadow, Don Freeman
  • Harlem is Nowhere, Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts
  • House Held Up by Trees, Ted Kooser, illustrated by Jon Klassen
  • House Held Up by Trees, Ted Kooser, illustrated by Jon Klassen.
  • How to Draw a Dragon, Douglas Florian
  • I See a Kookaburra!, Steve Jenkins and Robin Page
  • I, Matthew Henson, Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by Eric Velasquez
  • Is This Panama?, Jan Thornhill, with illustrations by Soyeon Kim
  • Just Ducks, Nicola Davies, illustrated by Salvatore Rubbino
  • Lab Girl, Hope Jahren

  • Lassoing the Sun, Mark Woods
  • Lila and the Secret of Rain, David Conway & Jude Daly
  • Little Tree, Loren Long
  • Mama Built a Little Nest by Jennifer Ward, illustrated by Steve Jenkins
  • Mapping Manhattan, Becky Cooper
  • Maps, Aleksandra Mizuelinska and Daniel Mizielinski.
  • Monkey Colors, Darrin Lunde, illustrated by Patricia J. Wynne
  • Nature Anatomy, Julia Rothman
  • Nightsong, Ari Berk***
  • Nuts to You; Feathers for Lunch; Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf: Lois Ehlert
  • Ocean Sunlight, Molly Bang & Penny Chisholm
  • Oh, Rats!: The Story of Rats and People, Albert Marrin
  • Outside your Window, Nicola Davies, illustrated by Mark Hearld*
  • Over in the Meadow, Ezra Jack Keats
  • Pacific Coast Tree Finder, Tom Watts
  • Pie in the Sky, Lois Ehlert
  • Rabbits and Raindrops by Jim Arnosky
  • Raindrops Roll, April Pulley Sayre

Image: Ron's Big Mission by Corinne J. Naden and Rose Blue, illustrated by Don Tate

  • Ron's Big Mission, Corinne J. Naden and Rose Blue, illustrated by Don Tate
  • Sophie Scott Goes South, Alison Lester
  • Sticky Burr, John Lechner*
  • The Buried Giant, Kazuo Ishiguro
  • The Promise, Nicola Davies, illustrated by Laura Carlin
  • The Secret Pool, Kimberly Ridley, illustrated by Rebekah Raye
  • The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats***
  • The Tale of Pale Male, Jeanette Winter
  • The Tiny Seed, Eric Carle
  • The Urban Bestiary, Lynda Lynn Haupt
  • The Watcher, Jeanette Winter
  • The WPA Guide to New York City
  • This is Washington, D.C., Miroslav Sasek
  • This Tree Counts, Alison Formento, illustrated by Sarah Snow
  • Tree Finder, May Theilgaard Watts
  • Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out, April Pulley Sayre, with illustrations by Annie Patterson
  • Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt, Kate Messner
  • Water Boy, David McPhail
  • Water Can Be, Laura Purdie Salas, illustrations by Violetta Dabija
  • Water in the Park, Emily Jenkins, illustrated by Stephanie Graegin**
  • We Planted a Tree, Diane Muldrow, with illustrations by Bob Staake
  • What in the Wild?, David M. Schwartz and Yael Schy, with photos by Dwight Kuhn
  • What's Your Favorite Animal, Eric Carle and Friends
  • Wild Ideas, Elin Kelsey, with artwork by Soyeon Kim
  • Winter Trees, Carole Gerber, illustrated by Leslie Evans

Image: A Drop of Water by Gordon Morrison

Are any of your favorites on the list? Let me know in the comments.

* For even more nature books, check out the Nature Advent Calendar book series.
** These titles are part of the WSP Eco Projects's portable library of nature books.

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