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Walking Phase One of the High Line

Yesterday I posted photos of the Gansevoort entrance to the High Line taken in 2010, 2013, and 2016. Pictured above is entrance latter. Earlier this month we took a walk on the High Line, the first phase only. On arriving I immediately noticed how lush the birch woodland has become.

There are always multiple artworks installed throughout the park. This one, Kathryn Andrews's Sunbathers I, was particularly engaging. In the top photograph she is pointing out to her "Nana" that the art spins. From here we kept walking north and discovered Valentin Carron's Wall Bell which we ran for several minutes. It was hard work!

It's hard not to notice the plants in the High Line. I'm pleased that I brought my camera. I was able to zoom in on the bees so I didn't disturb their foraging activities. And look at the pollen on the mallow petal!

She spent a long time watching the street life from this perch. There is something on the High Line for everyone. When you visit a park, do you people watch or do you observe the wildlife and plants?

P.S. She also liked walking in the water feature above the marsh plantings.


Les said…
I have only walked section 1, and I am aching to see the rest now that it is completed.
Georgia said…
Les, section 1 remains my favorite though there are portions of the other two phases I appreciate a lot.