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Minetta Creatures, an eco-art collaborative to celebrate the historic ecologies of the Minetta Brook watershed

Minetta Creatures has a funding page on IOBY and received matching funds from ArtPlace America. Last year, I spoke with ArtPlace about the project. The following is an excerpt from the conversation.

Why is it important to make this history visible?

When I moved to the neighborhood more than a decade ago, I wasn't aware that there once was a stream that flowed through it. I came across that information accidentally while doing some research about the trees of Washington Square Park, the history of the land. I became familiar with the word Minetta and its origins as a Lenape word and dug deeper, did a lot of Googling and realized that we are missing a core piece of what it means to live in this neighborhood and New York City more generally.
You can read the entire interview here.