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Nature transect walk in New York City

Today, on our morning walk, my younger kiddo said to me unprompted, "It is green here." Yes, the city is green. There are trees and other plants, insects and other animals. Fungi, too. I didn't intend our family walk to be a nature excursion, but my kiddo's astute comment made it so. Enjoy this photo walk of a west to east transect in lower Manhattan.

Dog day cicada


Sidewalk shopping-cart planter

London plane tree underplanted with hibiscus


Honeylocust with thorns

Shiitake inoculated logs at Stuyvesant Cove Park



A segment of a larger patch of wood asters

Oak acorn - bur oak? because it not a sawtooth oak acorn

Hackberry leaves and fruit

Oak acorn - swamp white oak

What aspects of non-human nature are you noticing right now?