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The Tree Flowers of Sprummer

A Tulip Tree flower with a Honeybee.

I have a new tree story on the New York State Urban Forestry Council blog: The Tree Flowers of Sprummer. Here is an except:

The word sprummer is making the rounds on social media. Sprummer describes the time between spring and summer; spring weather is still here and there while summer is making itself known with high humidity levels. In the urban forest, some trees flower in this window of time. Hawthorn. Kousa dogwood. Northern catalpa. Osage Orange. Tulip tree. Long gone are the cherry and magnolia blossoms, and the more discrete maple flowers. (Aside: Yoshino cherries’ fruits are ripening and American robins are feasting on them.) Flowering dogwood, serviceberry and sweetgum flowers have passed too. 

Several Northern Catalpa flowers surrounded by the tree's large heart shaped leaves.

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