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Jane's houses

In the span of a year, I visited Jane Jacobs's New York and Toronto neighborhoods. During a 2008 research trip to Toronto, I walked through Spadina and photographed Jane's former house.

This summer, inspired by Anthony Flint's Boston Globe article about Jane "wrestling" with Robert Moses, I visited Hudson Street in Greenwich Village, site of the famous "intricate sidewalk ballet." I did not observe a sidewalk ballet when I walked Hudson between 11th and Perry Streets on a September afternoon. The ballet described by Jacobs's in Death and Life of Great American Cities occurred on a weekday evening.


Karen said…
Sadly, I seem to be completely ignorant of Ms. Jacobs and her contributions to arts/culture (is or was she a choreographer?) - I will have to look her up. She had some pretty spiffy houses!
Georgia said…
Karen: thanks for the question.

Jane Jacobs is best known for her book "Death and Life of Great American Cities" as well as her campaigns to save old neighborhoods in NYC and Toronto from redevelopment.

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